Become a Master Gardener

The Alabama Master Gardener Program is a volunteer training program by which the Alabama Cooperative Extension System expands its outreach mission to the citizens of Alabama. This program represents an effective partnership between the land-grant universities of this state and motivated volunteers interested in educating their communities with research-based information. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that offer the local community Reliable, Relevant and Reachable gardening information and education opportunities

  • Reliable: Our gardening advice and programs are science-based.
  • Relevant: Our information is timely.
  • Reachable: Call us for answers. The Master Gardener Helpline: 877-252-4769


When someone recommends you contact your local Extension office with a gardening question, more than likely you will be talking with a Master Gardener Volunteer. Although there are always agriculture and horticulture agents on hand, the Master Gardener Program was initiated in 1972 in the Seattle, WA Extension office, as a means to train qualified volunteers to assist in answering home gardener’s questions.

Master Gardener volunteers are interviewed for the program and once accepted, trained by Extension Agents, Auburn University Staff, and local horticulture professionals in many facets of horticulture including: taxonomy, plant pathology, entomology, cultural growing requirements, integrated pest management, wildlife control and much more. Once a Master Gardener trainee completes the classroom training they are required to volunteer a designated number of hours to the program by answering questions on the phone, at fairs and festivals, speaking to groups, participating in display gardens and other projects as needed in their service area.

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