AMGA Project Funding Committee

The purpose of the Project Funding Committee is to develop and administer a program that annually provides AMGA financial assistance to outstanding Master Gardener Projects throughout the State of Alabama.

  1. Priority will be given to those projects that most closely meet the mission of AMGA and Master Gardeners in general.
  2. Master Gardeners must be directly involved in the project and should be the main force in the initiation and the implementation
  3. The project should be non profit and/or charitable in nature
  4. The project must have the potential to benefit a significant number of citizens
  5. The project should have on-going value
  6. The project should reflect creativity and uniqueness.
  7. The project will be evaluated based on the information submitted. No further contact will be made by the Evaluation Committee to obtain information
  8. An applicant may submit only one application per organization.
  9. An applicant may receive funding for only one approved project within a three year period.

Click here for the Projects Funding Grant Application