AMGA Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is composed of three members who have primary responsibility for maintaining and increasing membership.

They are responsible to maintain an up to date database of dues paying members, work closely with the AMGA Treasurer, and provide up an up to date membership list to the newsletter editor.

Following are due dates:

  • Jan. 31 – The local Membership chair must reconcile Dues paid to AMGA with Members reported to the Database Manager. Members should be reported as “active” members only if their dues have been paid to AMGA at that time.
  • Sep. 15- Membership Chair sends a supply of membership cards to local associations.
  • Oct. 1-Local associations begin membership drive and dues collection process.
  • Nov.1 – Dec. 31 The Local Membership Chair collects annual dues and membership applications. The Local Treasurer sends state dues collected to the AMGA Treasurer and Local Database Manager sends changes to membership marked in an updated spreadsheet to the AMGA Database Manager. These should agree with the dues sent to the AMGA Treasurer.
  • Dec. 31- Deadline for dues and spreadsheets from local associations to AMGA Treasurer and Database manager. (Dues and updated spreadsheets may be sent at any time, but members who have not paid by January 1 are not in good standing.)
  • Quarterly- The AMGA Database Manager sends a list of current members to the Editor of Garden Pathways. Local Association Database Manager must have any updates in membership names, addresses and E-mails sent to the AMGA Database Manager by December 15th. This will ensure that everyone will get his or her hard-copy of the winter newsletter, which will contain AMGA Conference registration information.
  • The Newsletter, in PDF format, can be obtained by going to the AMGA website:
  • AMGA Dues Tracker Training