AMGA Advisory Council

The operating procedures of the Advisory Council (AC) will be in accordance with mandates set by the Bylaws of the Alabama Master Gardeners Association (AMGA).

Objectives and Responsibilities:
• The primary objective of the AC is to serve as a communications link among the local Master Gardeners associations (LMGA), as well as between the LMGAs, the AMGA Board of Directors (AMGA BOD), and the State Master Gardener Program Coordinator (coordinator). The exchange of information, ideas, concerns, and solutions will occur on a regular basis and may be initiated by any one of these groups.
• Specific responsibilities of the AC will include: providing a list of potential candidates for the AMGA BOD to the AMGA Nominating Committee and assisting in identifying MGs for AMGA standing and special committees.
• The AMGA BOD may ask the AC to perform other duties as needed.