AMGA Newsletter Criteria


Pathways will be published quarterly:
• Winter (Jan – Mar): Submission deadline: Dec 15, Distribution: Jan 15
• Spring (Apr– Jun): Submission deadline: March 15, Distribution: April 15
• Summer (Jul – Sep): Submission deadline: June 15, Distribution: July 15
• Fall (Oct—Dec): Submission deadline: Sept 15, Distribution: Oct 15
Criteria for submissions to Pathways:
• Articles)other)than)Happenings)will)be)limited)to)300 words or fewer.
• Local MGA Happenings will be limited to 200–250 words and     one picture each. Please share not only what has happened       but also info on what will be happening before the next issue.
• For all articles and photos submitted:
o Check that cited sources are accurate and that proper               credit is given
o Identify Master Gardeners as such
o Double-check the spelling of all proper names.
o Confirm the names of locations, projects, etc.
o Identify people in photos (left to right, standing, sitting,             however you list their names), and if possible identify               the photographer.


• Provide the name of conference chair and publicity chair along with contact information to Pathways
editor no later than January of the year prior to the conference.
• Provide the conference logo (JPEG or PNG format) to the editor as soon as it is available.
• Copy for spring, summer and fall issues of Pathways must be submitted in document format (no pdf
files, please).
• All graphics (pictures, conference logo, etc.) must be in JPEG or PNG files.
• When submitting a group shot, limit the number of people, and identify the group and the individuals.
Deadline: March 15 or earlier, word limit 200 – 250 words
• A brief introduction to the conference, for example: featured speakers, program highlights, etc. The
article will be placed on an interior page.
• Deadline: June 15 or earlier, word limit 300 – 350 words
• Provide more detail or focus on another aspect of the conference. Again this will be an interior article. •
Include conference logo or picture if desired, but will reduce the amount of space available for the article.
• Deadline: September 15 or earlier, Approximately 400 words
• The front page of Pathways will be devoted to the conference.
• Include a picture and/or the conference logo if desired, but this will further limit the allowable words.
• Deadline: December 15 or earlier, will be handled as an insert in the winter issue of Pathways.
• Copy must fit on eight (8) pages (two 11 x 17 sheets, printed 2-sided, single fold)
• The Insert must be submitted to the Pathways editor by the deadline in a fully edited, copy-ready, pdf format. The editor has no responsibility for content or formatting of the Insert and will not proof or edit Insert content in any way.
• The Insert will be printed in black ink on white paper unless other arrangements are made with the editor prior to the deadline.
• The conference budget will cover the cost of paper and printing for the Insert. Any addition costs incurred by such things as use of special paper or printing in color will be charged to the conference and must be arranged with the editor prior to the deadline.
Updated 6/5/2018