Newsletter Submission Criteria

Criteria for Garden Pathways:

All articles and local MGA Happenings should be sent to: Patricia A. Peoples, Garden Pathways Editor,

Garden Pathways will be published quarterly:

       • Winter (Jan – Mar): Submission deadline: Dec 15, Distribution: Jan 15

       • Spring (Apr– Jun): Submission deadline: March 15, Distribution: April 15

       • Summer (Jul – Sep): Submission deadline: June 15, Distribution: July 15

       • Fall (Oct—Dec): Submission deadline: Sept 15, Distribution: Oct 15

Criteria for submissions to Garden Pathways:

       • Articles)other)than)Happenings)will)be)limited)to)300 words or fewer.

       • Local MGA Happenings will be limited to 200–250 words and one picture each. Please share not only what has happened but also info on what will be happening before the next issue.

       • For all articles and photos submitted:

              o Check that cited sources are accurate and that proper credit is given

              o Identify Master Gardeners as such

             o Double-check the spelling of all proper names.

             o Confirm the names of locations, projects, etc.

             o Identify people in photos (left to right, standing, sitting, however you list their names), and if possible identify the photographer.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to making AMGA and Garden Pathways the best they can be!!

AMGA Communications Committee

AMGA Officers and Board of Directors

Patricia A Peoples, AMGA Newsletter Editor